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Class 4

Class Teacher – Miss R. White 

Teaching Assistants - Miss S Oliver (HLTA)

– Mrs P. Robinson (TA)

What are we learning about in Class 4?



This term we are looking at stories from other cultures, how they are written, what they mean and how they compare with our traditional stories. We have started this if by meeting Toki from a land far aware where he has to prove himself to be an adult by catching the biggest animal! Our focus will be on the cohesion and detail of our writing.


We are looking at money! Not only will we be learning about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing money, but at the end of the summer term we will be joining Cass 5 in their pop up café where we shall have the opportunity to handle money for a purpose.


Our overarching topic for the rest of the year is ‘our world’, this links in nicely with all other subjects but will have real links with our reflection garden. Additionally we shall be exploring the planets continents, oceans, and countries. We shall develop our map reading skills as we become familiar with longitude and latitude, we will venture out into the local community to discover elements of the natural Geography. Linking to our on gong teaching of Spanish in Class 4, children will be exploring far away cultures which has proven to be a hit already!


‘States of matter’ is our current theme for science, which has started off by looking at thermometers. We shall be learning more about solids, liquids and gases, with chemical reactions to finish off our chemistry unit but the end of the summer.


You might have heard that we are doing Gymnastics in PE much to the children's delight! They children have the opportunity to experiment with their bodies through the use of the apparatus in the hall. Jumping, moving climbing, swinging, rolling, twisting, hanging to name a few skills that they have already tested out. Who knew they were so energetic? To end the summer term off we shall be honing in on our sportsmanship and athletic skills by trying out cricket, ready for sports day. Get your trainers at the ready!



Finally, we shall become rock stars and work on our basic music skills of Rhythm, beat, texture, and pitch by creating our own bands!

Accelerated Reader

AR’s purpose is to improve overall reading. A huge element of reading is the understanding of the text you read. To assess this; each book the child completes, there will be a quiz to answer. This quiz will give data on how well the child has read and what level book they should be reading. AR is designed to quickly target their areas of weakness and rapidly move them on. You will hopefully see progress in their ability to understand the text, which in turn will have an impact on all other areas of work.

Times Table Rock Stars

TTRS had a brilliant first response. It has already shown amazing impact in everyday maths lessons. I am thrilled the children like it and engage with it outside of school. We do have opportunities to access it at break times and lunch times with a teacher’s approval. We recommended playing at least 2 games, 5 times per week for the ultimate progress. Effort is rewarded on a Friday.


As you are hopefully aware of the push in Class 4 to get every child reading 4 times a week. This is to improve their reading, writing and understanding of the world.


Every time a pupil reads at home they are rewarded 1 dojo.

If they read 4 times in a week they receive an extra 5 dojos.

If they read 4 times a week, every week, they receive tea and cake with the queen (Miss White)

If you have any trouble will getting your child to read, please let us know and we shall help to find an incentive for them to do so.

Class 4 Team.