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Class 1

Class Teacher – Miss K. Hiles

Teaching Assistant   - Mrs K.Gibbs (HLTA)

Mrs G Flynn





Welcome to Class One!  


Week 1

3/6/19 – 7/6/19

RE/Art Week


Listen to the story of The Good Samaritan.

Talk about how we can help others.

Draw story maps of The Good Samaritan and act out the story.

Work as a class to make a stained glass window and use hand prints to depict the importance of using our hands kindly.

Learn about special places of worship for all cultures and think about our own special places.


Week 2

10/6/19 – 14/6/19

Seaside Café


Begin to talk about the seaside – what do we know and what do we want to find out?

Think about a seaside café - our role play area – what would we like in the café?

Create menus for our café.

Look at money - how do we pay in a café?

Invent and eat a healthy sandwich.


Week 3

17/6/19 -21/6/19

The seaside


Share our experiences of the seaside- writing a postcard,

What would we need to pack for a seaside holiday?

Discuss how to stay safe in the sun.

Learn about creatures that live at the seaside.

Make some ice-lollies.

Learn about the seaside a long time ago.



24/6/19 – 28/6/19

How do we get to the seaside?


Explore floating and sinking.

Design and making a boat that will hopefully float.

Design and fly paper airplanes.

Make a passport.

Explore and sort different materials.


Week 4

1/7/19 – 5/7/19

Work based around the story ‘Tom and the island of dinosaurs’


Write a message in a bottle.

Re-tell and write the story of Tom and the Dinosaurs.

Learn about dinosaurs – what do we know about them already?

We will look at books about dinosaurs, draw and label our favourites.

Measure the height of dinosaurs.


Week 6

8/7/19 – 12/7/19

Stomp! Stomp! Big Roar. Here Come the Dinosaurs!


We will learn about where dinosaurs come from and how would we look after a baby dinosaur.

We will think about what happened to the dinosaurs.

Learn the dinosaur rhyme and move like a dinosaur.

Talk and learn about volcanoes.


Week 7

15/7/19 – 19/7/19

End of year celebrations!